This is a little website, to show up-to-date informations about public searx Instances.

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Public searx Instances via Tor (.onion)

Last updated: 2020-01-26T19:09:09 - Latest searx release: 0.15.0


#URLStatusVersionResponse Time1
1http://z5vawdol25vrmorm4yydmohsd4u6rdoj2sylvoi3e3nqvxkvpqul7bqd.onion/200 - OK0.15.01.001 seconds
2http://search.4bkxscubgtxwvhpe.onion/200 - OK0.15.01.725 seconds
3http://o2jdk5mdsijm2b7l.onion/200 - OK0.15.02.102 seconds
4http://juy4e6eicawzdrz7.onion/200 - OK0.15.02.303 seconds
5http://suche.xyzco456vwisukfg.onion/200 - OK0.14.01.691 seconds
6http://nxhhwbbxc4khvvlw.onion/200 - OK0.14.01.869 seconds

SSL Error2


HTTP Error




1 Response time is based on an randomly choosen Tor exit node.

2 Invalid chains will report this error as well as invalid certificates. Please note, tor services usually don't use https as tor traffic is already encrypted.

Scraped 15 sites in 547.647 seconds. Next scrape will be at 20:00 (CET).